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4 Pole Dance Classes a Week at TML 
for the Month of August!!! 
Beginners series includes; Intro to Pole, Pole Flow, Aerial Pole Bootcamp, Twerk Pole & Basic Pole!

 Intermediate/Advanced; Pole Progressive,Pole Flow, Aerial Pole Bootcamp,Twerk Pole & Basic Pole 
Open Pole Practice 4X a week! And Much Much More...
NEW Summer Series Begins July 1st- July 31st
Basic Pole

Basic Pole Dance

4 Week Pole Series Saturdays from 11:30am - 12:30pm  

Intimidated by the pole? Never taken a Pole Fitness class before? Basic Pole is a fun sexy introduction to the fundamentals of pole. In this course, TML Fitness instructors teach you beginner pole moves and floor work. Within the first 20 minutes, you will not only appreciate pole dance/fitness as a fun form of movement, but also feel how it can help tighten and tone your body when practiced on a consistent basis. You will slowly ease into this "new body movement" that will provide you with more confidence while improving your overall strength. 

Attire: Shorts, Knee Pads, Heels (optional) 


Progressive Pole Training Intermediate/Advanced 

4 Week Series Tuesday Evenings from 7:00pm - 8:30pm  

Progressive Pole Training is an intermediate/advanced level course that focuses on progressing pole moves and combinations. Starting with perfecting level 2 holds and spins that focus on developing a solid foundation with proper technique and form, students are challenged to build strength and skills through combinations. New transitions and holds are added each week so that at the end of the series, students have mastered level 2 moves and holds and are able to perform multi-move combinations traveling up and down the pole. 

Attire: Shorts, Knee Pads

Basic Pole Flow  

4 Week Pole Series Wednesday Evenings from 6:30pm - 8:00pm 

Basic Pole Flow is a beginner to mixed-level course where students learn sexy low flow techniques and basic static pole skills including spins, transitions, and sitting/climbing preps. This series is structured to support fluidity through free dance/movement exercises, as well as tempo exploration through choreo. Basic Pole Flow is ideal for those who love to dance or are interested in exploring exotic dance style, but are not sure where to begin or how to combine pole and floor elements to create fluidity in their movement. 

Attire: Shorts, Knee Pads, Heels (optional)

Aerial Pole Bootcamp 

4 Week Pole Series Thursday Evenings from 6:30pm - 8:15pm 

Aerial Boot Camp is a mixed level course that incorporates boot camp style exercises that have been adapted to pole, as well as pole flight silks for warmup and conditioning techniques. This series focuses on moves for pole and pole flight (silks) that build strength and create a solid foundation for any aerial arts. This course is co-ed.

Attire: Shorts

Twerk & Pole 

4 Week Twerk & Pole Dance Series Friday Evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm 

Your favorites combined…if you love to move to various styles of dance, you will love Twerk & Pole! An amazing sexy combo that anyone at any level can do. This is a mixed-level class that will teach basic pole and twerk dance moves combined together in fun and sassy choreography.

Attire: Shorts, Knee Pads, Heels (optional)

Twerk It 

4 Week Twerk Cardio Dance Series Saturdays From 10:30am-11:30am 

The TWERK IT Fitness Program at TML was put together based on ACE & AFFA Group Fitness Guidelines among ALL TML staff members making it a fitness class that has a “calculated design” so it is much more than a complete choreographed dance or booty clapping class. Join Gigi TML's Lead Twerk Instructor & The Triangles #1(Check out her reviews they are INSANE) Twerk & Party Instructor every Saturday at TML. 
Attire: Leggings/Yoga pants/shorts, Knee Pads, sneakers

Fun Studio Events; BOOTY GLOW

Come learn how to shake what your momma gave ya in this 2 hour paint and twerk workshop! Blacklight paint is provided! Spend the first 30 minutes painting yourself and your friends in glow in the dark black light paint! (Get Creative) The next hour and a half Gigi will guide you through a choreographed TWERK class, teaching you all of the most popular TWERK moves! Only $25! Register ASAP this workshop will FILL! Don’t forget to register into the class once you purchase your ticket from Mindbody! 2 Hours Fun Twerkshop! May 10th 7:45pm-9:45pm

Attire: Shorts, Knee Pads, Heels (optional)
Series Cost $25 
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