$149.99 For 4 Classes a Week for 6 Weeks
$99 for 1 Class a Week for 6 Weeks
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$149.99 or $99 
$149.99 for 4 Classes a Week for 6 Weeks 
$99 for One Class Series for 6 Weeks!
Your Options
What's Included;
  • You choose either the $149.99 Pole Program option in which includes 4 POLE DANCE FITNESS CLASSES A WEEK: Beginners series includes; Intro to Pole, Poleflowogy, Aerial Pole Bootcamp, Twerk Pole & Basic Pole, Intermediate/Advanced series swaps Monday's Intro to Pole for Tuesdays Pole Progressive class **see pole class special below** OR  second option is to choose 1 Class Series Program for 6 weeks for $99 that you attend one time a week for 6 weeks. 
  • 4 OPEN POLE PRACTICE DAYS A WEEK: 7.5 hours of open practice time for all series members
  • ACCESS TO TML VIDEO VAULT: TML Membership portal to instructors lessons for you to use during your open pole practice time
  •  ACCESS TO TML'S PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: your TML Pole community class videos, photos, conversations, tips with your fellow class members, updates from your instructors... 
  •  STUDENT SHOWCASE/RECITAL: after every series we have a student showcase with student, instructor and classes perform for friends & family. Your ticket is free guest are $10 online.
  •  15% OFF TML PARTIES; TML is the #1 Pole Dance Party Studio in NC! As a series member you any party you book when in a series you will receive 15% Off! 
  •  VIP PRICING & PRE-SALE PRICING: As a series member we release all specials on series and events to you first to purchase in advance reserving your slot on our next series. You also get special rates not available to the public and on the main sites on certain promos/series etc...
Additional Benefits; 
    Progressive Class Series to Help You Build a Skill While Getting in Shape

    Longer Class Times & Smaller Class Sizes to Help You Achieve Your Goals

    Easy Scheduling No More Complicated Software Booking Systems

    Direct Communication With Studio Owner & Your Instructors To Help You Book, Stay on Track & Reach Your Goals 
Add On Twerk It Cardio 
Add On Twerk It Cardio Dance for 6 weeks for $40!!!! 
Reg. $120 for 6 Twerk It Classes!
 Come Twerk It Saturday Mornings from 10:30am-11:30am. 
Most of our clients love the addition of doing back to back classes with  Twerk It from 10:30am  then Basic Pole at 11:30am! 
This is a HUGE SAVINGS! 

ONE TIME OFFER: Add On Twerk It Cardio Dance for 6 weeks for $40!!!! Reg. $80 for 4 Twerk It Classes!

$99 Beginner Fall Special
$40 Twerk It Cardio Special
$10 Student Showcase Guest Ticket
$10 Student Showcase Guest Ticket
$75 Dec. 2nd- Dec. 30th
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 Summer 2019 FABULOUS!
"The studio and all instructors are qualified and friendly. As a foreigner (who moved recently to the RTP area), I felt right in the first class very welcomed and included. TML helped me to become more self-confident, by supporting me each lesson and giving me constructive criticism. In 6 months I made incredible progresses and fell in love with the hobby itself, the studio and the instructors. Every class is individual in its own way. Your learning opportunities at this studio are huge and I promise you a judgment free environment with lots of laughs, encouragement, fun and support. I am very happy of being a part of the TML family, thank you!."
"This class was so much fun! Gigi and Melissa were truly amaxing and made everybody feel comfortable.
I can’t wait to go back!."
Pole Dance Class Schedule
You Choose 4 out of 5 Pole Dance Classes Weekly
Open Pole 5-7pm
Intro to Pole Dance 7pm-8:30pm

Open Pole 5-7pm

Pole Flow

Open Pole 5-6:30pm
Aerial Pole Bootcamp 6:30-8pm

Twerk Pole 6:30pm-7:30pm

Basic Pole Dance 11:30am-12pm

Open Pole

On the $149.99 Special You can choose a different 4 each week that fit your weekly schedule for 6 weeks! 

* with the exception if you are a beginner Tuesday advanced pole class would not be an option. If you are Level 2+ you would not take Monday's Intro to Pole Class.

On the $99 Option you choose one class that you would like to attend for the next 6 weeks. 
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"So much fun and the ladies there know how to move!! But mostly, it is a non judgement place and you can feel totally comfortable. And I’m 56, and older than pretty much everyone there that I’ve met so far and I still felt comfortable.